Programs's Namesake

Forty-two years after graduating from the Camden Board of Educationa Adult Education Program, Mrs. Jerrothia Riggs earned the distinct honor of having the Adult Educational Center named after her in celebration of her outstanding accomplishments of community service work, civic affiliations, and her humanitarian efforts.

Mrs. Riggs attended the Adult Educational Program located at Third and Market Streets, formerly the OIC (Opportunities Industrial Center) building. When the program is relocated to Lanning Square, she continued to attend classes despite her obligations to work daily and raise her seven children.

Due to her schedule, Mrs. Riggs was able to attend only seven out of thirteen weeks of school. Her teacher, Mr. Bernard Brown, encouraged her to take the GED test. Out of school for fifteen years, Mrs. Riggs was hesitant to meet the challenge. It was through the insistence of Mr. Brown that Mrs. Riggs decided to take to the test. To her surprise, she passed the exam.

She has been a member of the Camden Board of Education for eighteen years, where she has held the offices of President and Vice President for three years each.

Mrs. Riggs’ many contributions of the community have not gone unnoticed. She was a tireless worker who demonstrated a commitment to the survival of the Black community in Camden. She was an advocate for the children of Camden and worked endlessly to bring the best possible educational opportunities to all students.